How Star Wars Stickers and Toys are breaking world records

There is no doubt about it, that Star Wars products sell like hot cakes. With the release of the new Star Wars movies, Star Wars is once again on top of the box office food chain.

With the latest Trailer of “The Last Jedi” releasing, you can bet that their will be a whole new line of Star Wars stickers and other Star Wars merchandise like toys and clothes.

The brand as a whole, so Star Wars, is set to generate a $3 billion to $5 billion in sticker sales, toy sales, and every other thing they sell. This will be challenging and probably beating the also popular “Cars” franchise.

Star Wars stickers and toys are expected to generate $1 billion of that money. Which will be a huge hit for some brands and suppliers.

Toy stores like Toys R Us, dedicate sections and prime real estate in their stores to accommodate this growing franchise. The Toys R Us execs say, if the movie does well, the stickers and toys will sell well too.

Disney, the branding and merchandising giant is behind this awesome business plan. Disney bought out Lucasfilms back in 2012 for $4 billion. Since the purchase, Disney used their creative minds to generate massive dollars in movie theaters and in stores.

Disney has said, to have brought on a better marketing team, so that they can easily convert watchers into buyers. For example, with the release of “The Force Awakens” merchandise was created, to market towards women and girls, due to the fact the main protagonist in the movie, is Rey, a female lead.

Disney has also brought on foreign companies in, Japan, Brazil and other countries to make toys specific for their own residing countries, to target them more specifically.

The experts are saying Disney, isn’t sparing any penny on this franchise and plans on squeezing every last dollar from the Star Wars name.

The great thing about Star Wars is it appeals to such a broad market and audience. Its not your typical franchise where it only reaches a set group of people. Since the franchise is such a long running one, their are avid collectors of anything Star Wars, which help the long term sales, and then their are the kids who are now getting introduced to it, which helps the sales when everything is fresh and hot.

Stickers, toilet covers, plates, pretty much everything has been made to accommodate this out of this world brand.

Lets see what the future holds for the new movies and the new merchandise it will bring, we bet $1 billion everything will sell.


7 Things Only True Star Wars Know

Star Wars is an open shop for everybody, be they male, female, ethnic minorities or of an inexorably broadening age go.

2017 is an energizing time for fans, as we praise the 40th commemoration of the adventure, anticipate the last period of Star Wars Rebels not long from now and, obviously, The Last Jedi turns out in December.

Being a fanatic of the adventure can be immersive and change the way you see the world. Here are seven things that lone Star Wars fans get it.

The best enhancements originate from ILM

7 things just in-your-face Star Wars fans know to be valid

As far back as the first Star Wars changed the visual impacts industry and manufactured through the late 70s and into the 80s, ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) have been at the bleeding edge of the visual impacts industry.

Changing the route in which impacts are both made and seen by general society, ILM have won various Oscars and specialized accomplishment honors and keep on leading the path in the current with earth shattering impacts in Rogue One and staggering work in Kong: Skull Island.

Sliding entryways are really opened by the Force

You may THINK that it’s a sensor opening that entryway before you stroll into it, all things considered it’s an almighty power controlling everything.

How often have you seen kids at stores the nation over doing the hand signals of the Jedi, opening entryways for appreciative customers? Trust it, it’s the Force.

Star Wars rules in the cinema world

7 things just no-nonsense Star Wars fans know to be valid

Without a doubt, Avatar may have $2.8 billion dollars in the overall film industry, yet we as a whole realize that it’s Star Wars which REALLY manages the movies.

In the event that you tally bums on seats, at that point just Gone With The Wind pros Star Wars, a film made in 1939 an entire 38 years before Star Wars.

With the approach of the multiplex just a modest bunch of movies since Star Wars saw lines around the piece.

Any film discharged by twentieth Century Fox helps us to remember Star Wars

X-Men, Speed, Titanic, Planet Of The Apes, and so on, on the off chance that it has that notable Alfred Newman score at the front of it (re-recorded by John Williams himself 37 years prior) at that point chances are you will subliminally be sitting tight for the words ‘quite a while back, in a world far, far away… .’ to fly up next.

Put ANY Fox film on and attempt it.

Steven Spielberg needs to make a Star Wars film

7 things just no-nonsense Star Wars fans know to be valid

He is one of George Lucas’ dearest companions and has been around other people all through the lifetime of the adventure.

He saw the first film before its discharge, expressing that he thought it was a work of art (and swapping rate focuses with Lucas on Star Wars and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, which Lucas accepted would be the greater hit).

He was considered for the executive’s seat on Return Of The Jedi however was hesitant to cancel his position in the Directors Guild of America keeping in mind the end goal to make the film. He even took a shot at Revenge Of The Sith, storyboarding and plotting the bicycle pursue on Utapau between Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous.

Long-lasting fans would be excited to see a Spielberg independent motion picture, carrying his novel enchantment and working with longstanding associates (Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy was Spielberg’s long-term generation accomplice, John Williams has scored Spielberg films for more than 40 years, and ILM have taken a shot at an immense number of Spielberg ventures).

We can just dream.

There’s never a wrong time for a Star Wars cite

7 things just no-nonsense Star Wars fans know to be valid

Also, there’s a quote for each event.

Simply consider it, notwithstanding Lucas being scrutinized for composing stilted, wooden discourse his movies are among the most quotable in motion picture history.

The first set of three is covered with incredible quotes, and everybody can do a Yoda impression. Individuals who have never observed Star Wars know who Darth Vader is.

On the off chance that a young lady says ‘I cherish you’ at that point the answer will presumably be ‘I know.’ Not awful for such a derided essayist.

The prequel set of three is wrongly censured

7 things just in-your-face Star Wars fans know to be valid

How might it be that the man who changed the universe of silver screen in a plenty of ways – visual impacts, the symphonic soundtrack, sound impacts, promoting – could make both the most darling arrangement in film history and the most detested?

There are various elements that stamp the contrasts between the two sets of three, yet with the advantage of insight into the past and being 12 years expelled, the prequel set of three stacks up a great deal superior to anything the vast majority recollect.

Furthermore, it merits recollecting that a gigantic bit of the being a fan were brought up on the prequel set of three. It’s as much a piece of the Star Wars story as the firsts, the new continuation set of three and the stand-alones, similar to Rogue One.