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Top 10 Star Wars Websites and Blogs Every Fanatic should know

Here is a list of the best Star Wars blogs we frequent, that you should know about if you are a true fan.

1. | The Official Star Wars Website

come to the official home of Star Wars. Follow along for exclusive news, updates and insider access, and May the Force Be With You..Always!
Frequency – about 11 posts per week

2. Star Wars HQ – YouTube

About Blog – Star Wars HQ covers Star Wars Battlefront, Bespin DLC, Star Wars Rogue One, Star Wars Episode, Star Wars Rebels and do videos on theories, livestream, news updates multiplayer gameplay on PS4, Xbox One, and PC!
Frequency – about 11 posts per week

3. Star Wars Theory – YouTube

About Blog – All your Star Wars theories, Fan Fictions, Fan Films, back stories, Expanded Universe, and movies revealed in these fan favourite videos.
Frequency – about 7 posts per week

4. Star Wars Comic Collector

About Blog – A site for comic collectors who are interested in domestic and foreign Star Wars comics.
Frequency – about 5 posts per week

5. Galactic Hunter’s Star Wars Figure of the Day

About Blog – Thousands of articles about action figures, give or take. Presented by Galactic Hunter.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week

6. Stinson’s All Things Star Wars Blog

About Blog – A place for me to post all my deeply obsessive thoughts about my favorite movies: the Original Star Wars Trilogy.

7. Star Wars Toy News

About Blog – Star Wars Toys News, Reviews, Photos and More!
Frequency – about 2 posts per week

8. In A Far Away Galaxy

About Blog – News and views on The Last Jedi, the Star Wars films. The history, quotes, facts and trivia of all the movies is also explored.
Frequency – about 4 posts per week

9. Reddit –  Star Wars Collecting

About Blog – Star wars collecting is home to Star Wars collecting news, toys, merchandise, discussion, pictures, and more.
Frequency – about 50 posts per week

10. StarWars-Fanatics

About Blog – Of course we had to put our blog on this list!
Frequency – Going to try to do 1 post a week

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How Star Wars Stickers and Toys are breaking world records

There is no doubt about it, that Star Wars products sell like hot cakes. With the release of the new Star Wars movies, Star Wars is once again on top of the box office food chain.

Image result for the last jediWith the latest Trailer of “The Last Jedi” releasing, you can bet that their will be a whole new line of Star Wars stickers and other Star Wars merchandise like toys and clothes.

The brand as a whole, so Star Wars, is set to generate a $3 billion to $5 billion in sticker sales, toy sales, and every other thing they sell. This will be challenging and probably beating the also popular “Cars” franchise.

Image result for star wars toy sales

Star Wars stickers and toys are expected to generate $1 billion of that money. Which will be a huge hit for some brands and suppliers.

Toy stores like Toys R Us, dedicate sections and prime real estate in their stores to accommodate this growing franchise. The Toys R Us execs say, if the movie does well, the stickers and toys will sell well too.

Disney, the branding and merchandising giant is behind this awesome business plan. Disney bought out Lucasfilms back in 2012 for $4 billion. Since the purchase, Disney used their creative minds to generate massive dollars in movie theaters and in stores.

Disney has said, to have brought on a better marketing team, so that they can easily convert watchers into buyers. For example, with the release of “The Force Awakens” merchandise was created, to market towards women and girls, due to the fact the main protagonist in the movie, is Rey, a female lead.

Disney has also brought on foreign companies in, Japan, Brazil and other countries to make toys specific for their own residing countries, to target them more specifically.

The experts are saying Disney, isn’t sparing any penny on this franchise and plans on squeezing every last dollar from the Star Wars name.

The great thing about Star Wars is it appeals to such a broad market and audience. Its not your typical franchise where it only reaches a set group of people. Since the franchise is such a long running one, their are avid collectors of anything Star Wars, which help the long term sales, and then their are the kids who are now getting introduced to it, which helps the sales when everything is fresh and hot.

Stickers, toilet covers, plates, pretty much everything has been made to accommodate this out of this world brand.

Lets see what the future holds for the new movies and the new merchandise it will bring, we bet $1 billion everything will sell.


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6 Things Only True Star Wars Know

Star Wars has become such a huge brand of its own, that it has bred some of the most die hard fans, and also some casual fans.

The term “Star Wars Fan” may seem very debatable now a days, but there is no doubt there are some hardcore purists out there.

And now that their are new movies on the way, fans have something to scream about. Being a fan of the movies and entire world can be very immersive and change the way you see the world and how you view it.

6 Things You Will Know if you Love Star Wars

Hardcore fans love the prequel movies

Depending on what era you were born in, you will love or hate the prequel trilogy movies, but the first 3 episodes are harshly critiqued.

Although they do have a lot of differences between the new and old trilogies, both trilogies have brought something totally different to the brand.

Its also worth noting that the prequel movies is what brought on a whole new group of fans to the universe.

Quatables and memes

star wars memes

No matter where you are, there is a quote you can reference from any of the movies.

The original movies are littered with quotes and are famous for one liners. The movies even keep a running joke in a lot of their movies.

Speilberg needs to make a Star Wars movie

One of Lucas’ closest friends has been in arms distance away through the life of the saga.

He was actually one of the first people to see the original film before it was released to the public.

Return of the Jedi had plans to have him as the director as well. He worked on Revenge of the Sith, on storyboarding and plotting.

Juggernaut in Sales

Any Star Wars movie that has ever come out, has been a huge success in the box office. It sits at the top of the charts for highest grossing movies of all time.

The Force opens everything

force opens doors

And for the final true hardcore fact. Only true believers in the force believe that the force opens all automatic doors. There is not actually a sensor